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Progressive Era Activism U.S. 9: Labor Movement

Historical activism during the Progressive Era.

Workplace Safety: Progressive Era Reforms

Uncovering the Exploitation of Workers

Clarence Darrow Defends Unions in the Trial of the Century, 1907

IMAGE--Striking coal miners in Pennsylvania, ca. 1871

From Farms to Factories--GVRL

Sweat and Blood

Investigating the Ludlow Massacre, 1915

"The Most Dangerous Woman in America"

Workers of the World, Unite! (Overview)

A Day in the Life Life of a Child During the Industrial Revolution--GVRL

American Federation of Labor

Radicals, Progressives, and the Working Man

Labor Movement

Samuel Gompers

Children at Work and at School-GVRL

From Country to City Life During the Industrial Revolution--GVRL