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Sherman Middle School: Online Research Tools

Your Research Challenge

Research Topic: Malala Yousafzai

Tutorial: SpeakIt!

To listen:

  • Highlight text and click the icon

To adjust speed, volume and voice:

  • Right click the icon and select "Options"

Practice: SpeakIt!

Visit this website:

Listen to the first paragraph about Malala:

  1. Highlight the sentence
  2. Click the "SpeakIt!" icon to listen

Tutorial: Diigo

Log in:

  • Click the icon
  • Log in with:
    • xID number
    • xmmddyyX

Bookmark pages:

  • Click the Diigo icon and select "Save"

Highlight and add notes to pages:

  • Click the Diigo icon and select "Annotate"

View your bookmarks:

  • Click the Diigo icon and select "My Library"
  • You can also organize your bookmark lists here

Practice: Diigo

Again visit this webpage about Malala:

  1. Bookmark this webpage so you can come back to it later.
  2. Highlight the date Malala won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Visit this webpage about Malala:

  1. Bookmark this webpage.
  2. Find the reason the Taliban shot Malala - highlight it.
  3. Find the age Malala was when she won the Nobel Peace Prize - highlight it.

Visit this webpage about Malala:

  1. Bookmark this webpage.
  2. Read Malala's blog post from January 3, 2009. Add a comment summarizing the post.

Tutorial: EasyBib

Logging in:

  2. "Login" (top right)
  3. "Login with Google" (red)

Set up your project:

  1. Select "New project"
  2. Name your project
  3. Select "Create"

Citing your sources:

  1. Under your project: select "Bibliography"
  2. Select "Manual cite"
  3. Select the "Source type"
  4. Fill in as many blanks as you can
  5. Select "Create Citation"

Practice: EasyBib

This step you usually won't complete until you are typing your paper.

  1. Click on the Diigo icon and select "My Library"
  2. Under "My Lists" choose "Malala"
  3. Open the first webpage in the list

Now open

  1. Log into Easybib
  2. Create a new project
  3. Go to the Bibliography
  4. Cite the three webpages that are bookmarked in your Diigo list: "Malala"

Credible Sources - Review

  • Domain
    • What does the domain name tell you about the site?
  • Currency
    • Is the information up to date?
    • How do you know?
    • Does the information need to be up to date for your topic?
  • Relevancy
    • Is this information relevant to your topic?
    • Why?
  • Authority/Appropriateness
    • What person or organization is the author for this website?
    • Are they an appropriate source?
    • Why or why not?
  • Bias
    • Does the author of this site voice any opinions?
    • Do the author's opinions make this site less accurate or relevant to your topic?

Would this be a good site to use for your research project?

Domain Name Cheat Sheet

.com - Commercial (U.S.) (created to make money)

.net - Network (created by anyone, for anything)

.info - Information (created by anyone to give information)

.edu - Education (University)

.k12 - K-12 School

.org - Non-Profit Organization

.gov - U.S. Government

.mil - U.S. Military - Commercial (United Kingdom) - Commerical (Germany)